Disinfection becomes smart. The safety of the environments is under control.

SafePod V3An unprecedented step forward in terms of silence and energy consumption.

SafePod V3 generates only 35 decibels and consumes only 80 W - 71% and 92% less than the competition, respectively. In addition, thanks to a 7'' touch display and a cloud connectivity, you can manage it and receive updates remotely. Ideal for having everything under control.

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Key features

  • Effective and certified disinfection
  • 7'' touch display and remote connectivity
  • Absolute silence thanks to White Ultrasound® technology
  • Italian design and safety


  • Supply voltage230 V
  • Absorbed power80 W
  • Operating temperature15-40 °C
  • Tank capacity1,5 L
  • Hydrogen peroxide consumption per volume0,7 cl per 10 m3
  • Activity capacityup to 500 m3
  • Disinfection time (nebulization)1 min per 10 m3