SafePod is an innovative and certified disinfection system. A silent, effective and laboratory tested device.


Viruses, molds and bacteria can survive on surfaces for days: this is why it is important to regularly carry out effective disinfection, possibly with a natural product that, unlike ozone, does not damage the surfaces.

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An unprecedented leap in silence and energy consumption.

The SafePod V2 disinfection system generates only 35 decibels and consumes only 80 W thanks to the White Ultrasound technology: respectively 71% and 92% less than the competition. Ideal for disinfect any environment with discretion.

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SafePod V2

Effective and certified disinfection. This is hydrogen peroxide.

The SafePod V2 disinfection system does not generate moisture and does not corrode, unlike ozone: therefore it does not damage the surfaces with which it comes into contact. Laboratory tests ensure that SafePod V2 disinfection effectiveness is up to 99.99%. In a scenario characterized by improvised sanitizer manufacturers, SafePod V2 guarantees total peace of mind.

Made In Italy Design

The captivating look of SafePod V2 allows you to exhibit it as a design object: the matt black anodized aluminum body is combined with a special dark brown eco-leather handle. Show it off and let everyone know that the environment is disinfected!

How it works

SafePod V2 is a disinfection system that nebulizes hydrogen peroxide into the environment in particles of less than 5 microns. The environment must be closed to people and animals. As an example, the disinfection of a 50 m2 room, performed by a qualified operator, takes place in just 1 hour.

Where it works

In hotels, SafePod V2 is respectful of silence. In restaurants, hydrogen peroxide is totally compatible with contact with food. In offices, it looks like a design object. In public transport, such as planes, buses and trains, as confirmed by ESEA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, hydrogen peroxide is considered the only truly effective standard.

Ox Aire

Ox Aire is the hydrogen peroxide based biocide compatible with SafePod V2. It is a 100% natural compound free of chemical substances. Unlike ozone, it does not leave persistent bad smells, so you do not have to ventilate so you can reduce disinfection times by 50%. The tanks are available in 1, 5 and 20 L formats. 1L is sufficient for 1000 cubic meters.

Effective and certified disinfection

SafePod V2 is a disinfection system that has been tested and verified according to the indications of the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) and in accordance with the reference method UNI EN ISO 4833-1:2013 by an ACCREDIA accredited Test Laboratory, a National Laboratory Accreditation Body.

Energy saving and silence

Compared to other hydrogen peroxide disinfection systems, SafePod V2 reduces energy consumption by 92% and operating noise by 71% thanks to White Ultrasound technology. This makes SafePod V2 the winning solution for hotels, shops and offices.

Italian design and safety

SafePod V2 is designed, engineered and produced in Italy. The high quality materials last over time. In addition to being effective, it is also a design product that you can exhibit to let your customers know that they are entering a disinfected room. A password also allows safe use.

Tax concessions

The new provision in art. 125 of Legislative Decree 19.5.2020 n. 34, so-called Relaunch Decree, recognizes a tax credit equal to 60% of the expenses incurred in 2020 for the purchase of devices for disinfecting environments such as the SafePod V2.

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